Marble Tile for Fingerboard Surface


I’m finally getting around to re-purposing an old wooden board that I’ve had lying around, which I think used to be part of a desk or table of some kind. I always thought it would be a good surface to use for fingerboarding, but I think riding on the wood itself is somewhat boring.

I’ve always liked how it feels to ride on granite, but that material in any form seems to exceed my budget by a lot. Therefore, my solution to that is using marble tile instead, but I don’t have much experience with fingerboarding on that type of stone. I was hoping someone here can share their opinions on what I’m thinking of doing.

See below for a mock-up of my execution plan. I have a 1’ 8.125" x 3’ 4.5" board and it’s a little less than 1" thick. I also found some 3" x 6" marble tiles on Amazon, which I think would look pretty cool in the pattern I drafted in my mock-up. My end-goal is to avoid having to cut/break any of the tiles, to cover as much surface area as possible, and to avoid having too many crevices in the riding surface. I do like the sound and feeling of riding over tile cracks, but I don’t want it to be frequent enough to be distracting when I ride, so a smaller tile dimension isn’t an option for me. If anyone has any extended exposure to fingerboarding on tile, especially marble, please let me know your opinions on it. It’ll end up being like $45 to cover the whole surface in this tile size, so I want to make sure it’s worth it before I order the material.


Hey Dude!

I have also been thinking about making a nice fingerboarding surface/table. I personally have not done anything with tiles but I am fairly sure you can get granite tile slabs just like you are saying with marble. You should check out Yellowoods park that they bring everywhere. They use a bunch of granite slabs on a table and it looks very nice. Also if your look at the Harrics videos by Harry he also uses some slabs for his table which look extremely nice as well, I recommend you watch Elias Assmuth at the Harrics vid :smiley:


Thanks man! I definitely know of Yellowood’s park and I’ve watched Elias’ part many times :wink:

I thought of using granite at first, but all the granite options I’ve seen on are really expensive - it’s like $15 for one square foot and the marble tiles I picked out are like $9. I’d also have to cut and shape the granite tile options I found, as most of them are shaped in square feet (12" x 12"). The 3" x 6" marble ones I found are cut and sized perfectly for the surface I’m using.

I’m trying to stick to Amazon because I’m lazy and because they have a Prime Day deal going on, where they’re giving out free money if you order in a certain way.


Ahh I see, thanks for reminding me about prime day haha. And why don’t you swing by a home depot or a lowes? or are you too lazy for that xD


Been looking into tiles as well as it’s a much easier process that concrete imo Home Depot has good pricing, just use their site


Haha yes unfortunately I’m too lazy for that - I’d rather just press ‘Order’ and have it delivered to my door while I go about my normal business. That and the Prime Day $10 Amazon will give me when I’m done ordering.

@twitchyFingers I looked on the Home Depot website and their cheapest granite solution was still too large and more expensive than what I found on Amazon, but thank you for the suggestion!

At this point, I’m really more concerned whether the marble tiles will be good for fingerboarding or if they will be annoying to ride on.


Here’s my desk after organizing the tiles. It ended up being a bit of a pain at first, where I had to organize the tiles based on thickness. The wood surface has invisible inconsistencies and the tiles varied in fractions of millimeters in thickness.

Eventually I got everything all laid out nicely and smooth enough where I get the satisfying click-clack when rolling across all the cracks. I might just leave the tiles unglued too, as I’m finding it really entertaining when propping up the tiles for impromptu kickers.


Awesome! I might just do the same for my table :slight_smile: