New Zhartzfinga setup



Everybody invited to ride with me - Serbia - Loznica :slight_smile: :sunny: :v::metal::call_me_hand::facepunch::facepunch::zap::fire::star2:


There’s already a thread that exists - Post your fingerboard Park. No need to create your own thread.


Yo Fngr.Brd thanks for letting me know what I know already :slight_smile: :v:


Then uh, why don’t we follow the rules?


Alright, I will try to cooperate with the rules from the forum in the future…to post in the threads that already exist, tnx


Good deal :wave:



The new obstacles I made in this week :muscle::raised_hands::fire::heart_eyes::star_struck:
The Huge Pipe is 64 cm wide,height 32 cm,5 mm and pure bowl is 25 cm with 40 cm wide and its weight is 99 kilos!!!

The Yellow - blue 5 set stair is 64 cm lond and his widht is 22 cm and 7 mm,his hight is 10 cm and 2 mm

The plate of the little bump is 40 cm long and 25 cm and 4 mm wide - and the bump is 35 cm in length and have 4 cm height :smile:

p.s. My brother really helped me with the huge Pipe Bowl i created,designed and colored



FYI the correct English would be more than just a toy


Rolco you are right about that letter!
In some point of time, I will get it right but you can also look it from another perspective :smile:


Just a setup from a session tonight :metal:


New setup :slight_smile:





New Wine Bottle setup :grapes:


New Rail called “Japanzilla Silverzilla Rail” (length 29cm/7mm - height 8 cm - width 3,5mm)


Cool park. You can post wherever you want by the way don’t let that wannabe moderator tell you off.


Sorry dude didn’t get ya?