Newcomers' Guide to Sponsorships


**This is not written or produced by me. All credits go to Thom McInally (PurplyOrange on Instagram).

I thought about writing this to broaden the knowledge of what a sponsorship is, what it means to be sponsored and how sponsorships have changed in the past 5 years. Please note that this is NOT a guide on how to get sponsored.

So, what exactly is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is NOT about getting products for free. If you feel that that should be the case, i suggest getting back to fingerboarding and smiling about it.
A sponsorship may not necessarily be about making a tryout to prove your skills, it may be about a friendship shared or being involved with the community. The latter two will actually help you get a sponsorship, not always how hard you rip. A sponsorship to me is a family away from home, a communal friendship and love for a product, which leads me nicely to the next question…

What does it mean to be sponsored?

Being sponsored may be a shock for some people, as previously discussed it’s not about getting a certain product for free. Sponsorship can really be considered as a job. If you have a sponsor and they’re not asking you how you like the product, what could be improved on it, etc. then your sponsor may not be as interested in customer satisfaction as another brand. Being sponsored is really about how the team can develop the product, what can be changed and what is ambitious. I’ve personally been a help in the development of Creekwood Mellow Mold decks, this feedback from the team was sent back, with the preceding decks being up to standards and now they’re finally on the verge of release.

And how has sponsorship changed in the past 5 years?

As previously stated, customer feedback and team friendliness are now a BIG part of fingerboard teams globally. You may have noticed more and more teams picking local people who they’ve met themselves and who have inevitably become a great asset of their team, La Cosca and Yellowood are prime examples. Ultimately it’s positivity that will attract sponsors to you.