"No Sleep" Fingerboard Part from Yours Truly!


Hey everyone! I wanna thank Chris for bringing back this opportunity to recreate another huge community. I can finally have a place to share my videos other than Instagram. Here’s my first Fingerboard part that I just put together. I’d love some feedback!


Awesome video man! Digging your style, loved the smoke at the start of the video! Look forward to seeing some more stuff!


Nice! You should create some “better” spots to make the video more interesting. Your fingerboarding skills are sick.


Will do! Thank you!


That was awesome. Great image quality , and great soundtrack to go with it. Good job.


Jeremiah!! Thanks for the feedback! I’m still drooling over that Carlsbad gap you made to this day. Hope to sesh it again soon :slight_smile: great work.


For sure man. It’ll be at the G8 sessions this Sunday if you’re gonna be around. Stop in and sesh it!


I will be there! Hope to see you there.