I have been feeling nostalgic the past couple of days and decided to dig up some old memories and of course finger boarding was the first to come to mind. I can’t recall the last time I’ve posted on this forum or even touched a finger board, it’s been that long sadly but wow… I am amazed that you guys are still shredding and keeping the finger boarding scene going. Spent quite a lot of time on this site as a kid growing up. Such awesome memories and I am sure you all can agree too. I don’t think any of y’all remember me since I never had a cam to post any videos back in the day but I did post a lot. Regardless of being well known, you all were such rad people and I remember looking up to a lot of you when I was a kid as funny as that sounds. I remember being sooo hyped transitioning from the techdeck forums to FFI after finally being accepted in, when at that time it was difficult to get an account to post on this forum that it felt like the greatest achievement as a finger boarder. I remember rushing home to log in before doing my homework to check out the new “minis” everyone posted or getting stoked on a full-length part coming out or even product that was dropping. It’s crazy how things blew up at that time like it did. I have a hard time remembering names but I do recall quite a few of you like Mike S, Pat M, Taylor R, Jay L, Dave C, Ethan E, Brandon P, Alex M, Tim H, Gary C, Brandon J. I’m sure there is more but my memory is drawing a blank. I can keep rambling on and on about the good times so i’ll just stop it short here.