Not sure which wheels I should choose


I’m planning to buy a new setup after sticking to my current years for about two and a half years.

I chose these parts:
FlatFace G15
Blackriver Trucks
G4 Wheels or FF Nebular Swirls

At first I was really sure about, to get the G4-Ds - But then they went out of stock, when I wanted to buy them. Now the Nebular Swirls really stoked me. It just looks so satisfying when they roll.

But I’m not sure… Any of you got recommendations or experience with the G4s for example?

Share your opinions! :smiley:


G4s are definitely bigger wheels, but great if that’s what you’re looking for. What wheels were you riding before?


Previously I was riding FlatFace BR Edition Wheels (Turquise). Currently I’m using Winkler Big Daddy’Z.

I like the flatface ones a little bit more, but I think that I’d be pretty happy with G4s as well, because the shape looks interesting.

I’ll decide on this tuesday, where I will order my setup :smiley:


Don’t get G4s. THeyre way to big and look reeaaaly ugly


Are you serious?

Did you try them yourself?

I heard a lot of good stuff about them.

Which wheels do you prefer? (FlatFace)


You ever tried urethane wheels? Ive got some oaks recently, and i dont think i will go back to plastic ever. Except nocomply wheels maybe


No, I haven’t yet.

I was thinking about getting a pair a while ago.

But I am not sure. :confused:

I kind of dislike the look of the wheels currently.