Oak Wheels - Pigment vs. No Pigment


Hello again - I’m just curious to know what opinions there are about colored Oak wheels. I have a set of colorless Oak RV2V’s and they’re grippy and squeak very nicely. I also have a set of Oak x FlatFace collaboration wheels, but the outer urethane layer is dyed with salmon pigment. It definitely doesn’t feel the same as the white urethane and it seems to have more “slip than grip” in my opinion. I’d rather have a nice squeaky grip in my wheels and I’m wondering if that’s consistent with the other Oak colorways.

Oak just came out with an “Orange Bud” color and I’ve always wanted orange urethane wheels, especially from Oak, but I’m afraid they’re going to feel slippery like the salmon Oak x FF collaborations.


I recently picked up a set of their rv2v shape in the banana color and they were really grippy straight out of the box, much more so than all the Joys when they’re new.

I haven’t had any bearing slippage with the oaks either which has been nice as I have this issue with several set of joys but was honestly too grippy for my liking so switch back to joys. Could be cause of the shape though, planning to grab a set of minis to give a go as well.


Haven’t tried white oaks though so can’t compare there :expressionless:


Yes Oaks have more grip than all the Joycults I’ve tried, even the OG’s. My RV2V’s have never slipped off the bearings either and I used to beat those things to death. The bearings are a little loose in the wheel now though, but I know they’re not going anywhere.

Oak’s website says their urethane is gummier without any pigment, but I was hoping the other solid colors weren’t as slippery as the salmon dual durometer ones I have.