Obstacle concrete


I want to make my own obstacles, but I don’t know what concrete to use. I can’t find anything that seems like it is as smooth as some of the obstacles I have seen. What should I use. On a side note, does anyone know where I could get a (relatively) cheap custom mold? Everything is so expensive because of the cnc machining required for the blank to cast.



Use Portland cement for a smooth surface, I also add plaster of Paris but you don’t need it. For mold making the cheapest option is to make a clay model, then make your negative with brush on latex. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube that teach you how to make latex molds for cement casting too.

You can also try 3d printing your model instead of getting it machined.


I also use portland cement and the surface always turns out perfect. The stuff is also good for mixing it a little more liquid than it is supposed to. That way it is easier to pour in complex forms or even to level it out in the mold. For your first molds you can use stuff from your kitchen like tupperware to make curbs and kickers. the cement wont stick to the tupperware and the surface will get super smooth. With larger objects you can use mesh wire as reinforcement to stabilise the whole thing. Clear coating gives your obstacles a nice finish and it will make the surface less dusty and even serves as protection for both the obstacle and your trucks.
And always remember to rattle out the bubbles :wink:


The recent concrete objects and their „molds“ :smile: