Old montages from 2008/2009 featuring Martin Illsley, Thom McInally, Tim Hurley and myself


Hi guys, Ben Crompton here, it’s really awesome to back in the scene again and to see how far its come along since back in the day! Not sure if anyone will remember me from then… :joy: i met up with Martin Illsley a few times in the UK and also Thom McInally and used to be on the Arctic team along with a few other great fingerboarders! I also started a small griptape company back in the day called Gnar griptape :blush:

Heres an old montage from back in 2008 when i met up with Martin and also got to meet Tina who helped run FFI!

And another montage from my second visit

I also met up with Thom McInally quite a few times heres some super old footage from 2008 featuring the Black River ramps Big Mini (i wonder if Thom still had it…:joy:)

Also anyone remember Tim Hurley from USA He was a lefty and had such a sick style! Heres a blast from the past 9 years ago a short mini we made

Hope this brings some nostalgia back for a few people, look forward to getting more involved, anyone in the UK hit me up! Maybe we can sort out a meetup sometime! North west is where im from :blush:

Peace! :metal:


Hello fellow Arctic team member! Love watching your footage and it’s great to see you here!!

Both Tina and Martin are on the forum :grin:


Aw man that’s awesome! I messaged Martin a few weeks ago funnily enough when i found an old Arctic sticker :joy: I’ve been following your instagram man, you’re still hands down one of my favourite fingerboarders! Anyone that wants to give me a gollow on Insta feel free! @bc_fingerboarding :blush:


Yooo I remember you


Hi Nick! Glad someone remembers me haha! :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to see some more old FFI members on here!