Old stuff lol


Just wanted to show some history since i just found this site again lol so glad to see shes up and running still. Thanks to whomever still is doing this. I join FFI back sometime back in 2006 or so after being on the techdeck forums for awhile and its just great to see it still going after all these years. Left to right if i remember correctly go Premier, Athena, i think iain andrew made the slayer board lol, c24, primo, and a chucky key hazard wonder if hes still around idk i found this at my parents a few days ago and it reminded me of here instantly especially with the arctic stickers on top. Just a fun piece of the fingerboqrd history books i figured id share. Definitely want to get back into this though so much fun


Nice man, I’d love to still have a Primo in my collection. Had a reg and a deep at one point. I remember that Slayer board :smile:


Thanks for sharing!


I have a set of Epidemics still lol. I still have a set of Substance OG’s and FF g2’s as well.

And nm I still have my primo, here’s a <3 Attack, Priest old school, and a Primo reg


Dude priest and <3attack i forgot all about those holy shit thats awesome. I had a blue set of epidemics i traded to someone back in the day boy id kill for those back. Remember eurrolt? Metal cores with rubber on the outside lol simpler times i guess haha.


Oh man! Those are some great pieces of history…

I miss Iain and Chucky!


dude, yes. My fav wheel until I lost my 1st set…then bought another set, then lost one, lol. I have 3 around here somewhere lol.