Pittsburgh, PA - Steel City Seshers


Howdy yinzers! Do we have a crew yet? No. Do we have matching jackets? No (unfortunately) Do we have knife fights in alley ways while “Beat It” by Michael Jackson plays? Probably more attainable, but no…

I’m into the idea of spreading fingerboarding more locally around the city. I’ve been involved with the online scene since the mid 2000’s, and in my older age I almost feel responsible to do more for the hobby/sport/livelihood. I have some ideas, but would love some help.

Basically, this is a role call. Post if you’re from the area.


I’m about 2 hours north from Pittsburgh and would definitely be interested in some knife fights…er i mean fingerboard events :slight_smile: . Probably wouldn’t be able to attend every event but I definitely am interested. I have been tossing some thoughts around to host a couple events myself but wouldn’t even know who to invite. I’m on instagram too @fingerboard.ninja .


Awesome man, I guess we just kind of need to get into formation first. I responded to somebody on Meadville Craigslist up that way in Jamestown. They want to open a shop and have a indoor/outdoor fb park. He makes decks too apparently. The ad is still up if you want to respond too. Might be a good lead close to you.

I’m down to drive as well, I drove 10 hours to Rendezvous and IFC before, so 2 hours would be cake. Good to have you on the roster, I’ll keep you updated if anything were to happen down here. I’ll give you a follow you on IG as well :+1:


Jamestown! That’s super close to where I live. Interesting. Getting my investigative hat on. Thank you my friend. Keep me posted!


My dude I’m from up by New Kensington. I’d be down to meet up once this bullshits over with I got alot of old stuff I think youd appreciate.