Plastic Vs. Urethane


Curious to know everyone’s opinions!!


I’m riding Plastic Winklers right now. They feel like clouds!


Urethane, I like how joys and oaks feel over flatface wheels. However I do feel like FF wheels are easier to find and cheaper (except for dual duros)


urethane for me. I’ve tried various plastic wheels such as winklers and flatface wheels, but unless the plastic is super grippy I’ll stick with urethane wheels like oaks and ywheels. ff duros are the only plastic wheels I really like, because of the double core softness and they are quite grippy. :smile:


I prefer plastic. They have always felt smoother for me since i mostly ride on flat desks anyways. I also don’t like the way that urethane wheels feel after they pick up a lot of debris or dust. I also find a lot of the urethane wheels to be much bigger and heavier than I like. That being said I love my oak minis.


I like thane, though even some thane is a bit too hard for me.
Currently, ive been enjoying the FF dual duros. I also have a set of the new Joys (im liking them less and less daily tbh), and a set of Wysocki’s that were sent as a replacement for my first set that blew out.

Out of all of them, definitely liking the duals the most by a long shot. Hoping to get a chance to try out Cartwheels soon.


Plastic all the way for me. Smoother, more enjoyable feel imo


I’mma plastic boy!


Oaks for urethane

Flatface for everything else


Urethane. Ive tried both but urethane just provide more grippy feel when doing tricks. Personal preference. Grippy seems like a more realistic skate feel to me.


I like urethane wheels the most because they’re more grippy and feels more realitstic.


Urethane for me, I have oak wheel minis on one setup and brr editions on the other. Both using the same combination of trucks and bushings and I only ride those two setups, both are smooth but very different and much prefer the feel of the minis over the brr’s, it resemblances more to a skateboard feel in a way.


I’ve not really tried plastic, so its been urethane for me. I’ll eventually give flatface a try I’m sure