Pop issues


I already have an NFB mold. Hammering the vice was an attempt to see if the problem was clamping pressure. I am trying some different stuff, such as drying the veneer, not crossing plies, etc. I use curly maple if that is the problem, though I have seen boards made with curly maple that did not have any issues whatsoever.


If you post a video or some pictures it would definitely help. Sounds like you’re doing everything the correct way though


This is going to sound super weird, but where are you making your decks and where is your veneer stored? For me, I do glue ups in my garage and then move the whole vise and mold indoors to cure to ensure a consistent temperature and humidity level. If you’re gluing in your basement or garage maybe invest in a dehumidifier to prevent excess moisture. Also I try to keep my veneer indoors away from moisture spots.

In all honesty, I have no idea why you’re having such bad luck with making decks. You’re doing everything by the book, and you definitely know how it’s supposed to be done.

At this point, I’m going to blame your soggy pop on the weather and maybe veneer. I think your decks are just absorbing too much moisture from the humidity. Ironically, since you’re using gorilla glue, this should aid in stronger decks since gorilla glue recommends you use a little moisture on the surfaces you’re gluing for a stronger cure.


Could it be that I use too little glue? I try to apply as thin a layer as possible, do I need to use more?


Hmm, I would’ve never considered that option. How thin are you spreading your glue? What I do is a line of gorilla right down the middle of the ply and spread it out almost to the edges. It’s enough glue that it looks wet with gorilla but it’s not dripping. As you spread glue, it gets pushed into the fibers of the veneer so maybe add on some more gorilla glue after the first spread, and then spread again.

Once you’re done clamping the mold, the edges of the board should have signs that the glue has run off to it. It shouldn’t be dripping too much, it just needs to run a little bit so you know that some excess glue got pushed out of the board while the rest is bonding the veneer together. If your board does that, you know that all your plys were sufficiently covered in glue.