Post your DESK SETUP


One of my favorite threads used to be everyones desk setup! Post em up :slight_smile:

Here is mine:


Well i just got a new desk and its huuuuge (the black cutting matt is used for sound perposes)

btw Mallory I’ve always loved your clean desk! The colour of the desktop is very clean


Here is mine. It gets pretty cluttered at times. Mallory, your desk is so clean! I love that setup!


I thought your computer monitor base was a fingerboard obstacle!! :laughing:


You weren’t kidding! That desk is massive… <3


That little planter look so fun!


This is probably the cleanest my desk has ever been…


I’m liking that orange bottom ply in the phat stack of decks​:eyes::eyes:


I don’t have a desk at home.
Le work desk


This is a fast pic taken in my work! Every morning before the boss come I do some tricks hehe


its perfect for slappys :slight_smile:


This is where I do 85% of my fingerboarding, The mousepad is great for noise reduction


My desk where I spend 90% of my time


add me on steam dude, name is double alaska


How do you like the scimitar? Been thinking of trying one out


Can’t seem to find you, I’m mister_moeshmoe on there if you want to add me


I love it, been using them for 2 years now.



@mallory where did ya get your desk


I got it at ikea