Post your DESK SETUP


I have two Ikea tables with the same adjustable legs!

The actual tabletops themselves are too loud though… It echos in my apartment :weary:


That’s pretty much it. As you can see, i have a bunch of ramps below the desk so I can shred them as I feel like. Also I have a Winkler Pocket that sometime get thrown in the mix


pack of cheaters Fnatic are :)… Also, those cloth pads are easy to clean. Just pop it in the washing machine then dryer they come out like brand new.


The solid wood one doesn’t echo like the other ones do


a counter-strike player yourself? i usually use this method ( I feel that you should not put it in the dryer but to let it dry by itself to not ruin the fabric. But i get lazy and always delay that to the next day haha


Yeah, I’ll need to upgrade then!!


I just combined my skate table and My desk today. I am pretty excited about it. I could not fingerboard on my glass desk and realized I was only using 1/4 of my fingerboard table.




cleaned it up a bit


where’d you gte your desk?


If you’re referring to mine- ikea


My desk setup at the moment, it’s nice because there is a lot of flat, but there are still some nice ledges and a stairset


I want your harrier lmao


IKEA: The Official Table Provider of the National Fingerboard Association©


the only interesting thing about my setup tbh is that my desk is from ikea or some shit with 2 acrylic sheets on top so it’s smooth like glass but not as loud to fb on


My desk is my work bench and I usually just use a wired ramps curb or ema square rail.


Here’s my desk at work! :laughing: