Post Your Newest Setups


Just received this setup in the mail today. Feels good running something fresh for the first time in 6 years!

UNIQUE Deck (Nesting Shape)
Flatface G7.1 Wheels
YTrucks 34mm


Best mail day ever


Dang, an epic mail day :heart_eyes:
Great setup bro, colour game on point :ok_hand:


New wushdeck and one of the first set of wushings, ever made :pray:t2:
Paired with dynamic boardrails, of course brts and Grandfingers wheels.


Deadwood decks - customized by me.

BRT, Oak wheels, FlatFace wheels


Currently rocking this old Wush with TDLB, Teak Bubbles and FF Dual Duros, basically my favorite setup for just about everything


TWO Five Luck setups both with y trucks and Cartwheels


Straight up Smexxi!!!



I really like how this one came out!

Devise Split Ply 32mm
Blackriver Wide Trucks
Blackriver Tuning
Berlinwood Engraved Riptape
Joycult Lite Wheels
Tech Deck Risers


This is so cool - I wish I had fingerboards that matched my skateboards this well.


My latest! Just set it up today! Berlinwood xtra wide, x5 ytrucks chrome/gold, 60d joycult xl wheels, fbs smooth tape


Once I had the idea I needed to give it a shot!


Are those the pearls in XL? They look noiicee!!


Yeah dude! Thanks! They ride so smooth


my freshest catch:

  • catfishbbq freshwater
  • dynamic baseplates
  • blackriver hangers
  • levelup bushings
  • joycult lite wheels
  • fbs tape


another fresh catch for y’all just like above lol:

• freshwater catfishbbq anatomy
• lakewood dogbone boardrails
• blackriver trucks
• flatface wheels
• riptape


After shredding it for quite a while (~1 1/2 years), I replaced my old Pop Deck with a new one. You can’t really see it, but its been through a lot and I (re)learned a lot of tricks on it. I got a shorter one, still 33,5mm, still my BRTs, Oaks, Dislocation bushings and a new set of dislocation rails, and as on all my setups, FBS on top.


How are the 7.1s? Notice any difference in them being dual


Just got both of these set up yesterday and they were both mystery decks! Couldn’t be more stoked on them!
Wush 35mm mystery
Deadwood reflex trucks
Joycult Fader 2 lites

Comply c3 mystery
Tech deck 32mm trucks
One tangerine joycult lite that came with my faders and 3 cnc wheels