Post Your Newest Setups


Sweet! Really dig those grip jobs, man!


Really happy with how this one came out.

Homemade 32 mm Deck
TDLB trucks + homemade tuning
Generic Blue China Roolz
Creamy Goo tape


My five lucks, Left 2 are the hype ones.
Eric Parker graphic
nature rails
Black base Brt (w/ green levelup bushings and dislocation pivots)
Black Joycults

Custom Purple Fiveluck (very special)
Td trucks with levelup bushings, locknuts


unique prototype shape
blackriver trucks
oak wheels r2v2 pinks
fbs :slight_smile:


New berlinwood with Grandfingers wheels



  • custom engraved berlinwood, x-wide, low
  • blackriver trucks
  • southsoft bushings
  • oak wheels rv2
  • no tape so far


  • custom engraved berlinwood, x-wide, low
  • blackriver trucks
  • levelup bushings
  • joycult classic wheels, 70D
  • no tape so far


  • nature deck, two tone
  • blackriver trucks
  • teak tuning
  • fbs tape
  • joycult lites


Y trucks
Oak mini wheels


New wush


New Setup:

No Comply 32mm Low Shape 2018 Mold.
Tech Deck 32mm Trucks w/ Grind King Style Inverted Kingpins.
Oak Wheels Mini.
Foamy Greatness.


Is nocomply up and running still? Nice!
Love all the wushes as well need to post up mine


No Comply isn’t in business at the moment, however Todd is making a comeback and will have it up and running shortly. This is a prototype mold, it’s definitely a nice deck for sure.


My first ever bonk setup


Got a sponsor pack with a couple decks from Deli.
Had to set this bad boy up… it’s soooooo German!!!
Deli Deck split/graphic - Hoagie shape
Black Orings
Oak RV2Vs
TNP Tape - original formula


Nice set up and congrats on the sponsorship! :beers:


Fresh setup
:unique nesting
:Flatface duros
:Dislocation board rails
:Tky bushings



Thanks! Been on Deli for about a year now… I can’t say enough about the decks! All handmade… but inspecting them, you would swear they are made by a machine. Lol


New skowood astral


Ohhh, ok! My bad. A very belated congratulations then :wink:
Look forward to trying them out sometime soon