Post Your Newest Setups



Not new just re-set



Dangggg. That split-ply board is dope! How do you get your hands on LSD prototype wheels???


Holy smokes, that split is legit! Looking good.


Custom yawn with new ‘Matties’ joycults



Some dope setups on the last page


Ya know, I kinda fell into testing the prototypes out. Now they’re the only wheels I use! I have 2 sets and can tell you when he does finally release, you’ll be pleased and know it was worth the wait.


Thank you! Los Angeles Fingerboards dude. Absolutely top notch slicing. I wouldn’t order a split from anyone else.


The Yawn and Flint are amazing! Holy smokes.


Thanks bro :black_heart::facepunch::beers:


BeastPants // Rabid
Oak Wheels // RV2
Blackriver Trucks // 32mm
Teak Tuning


Joining @StillSourDiesel with the acid drops. Been wanting a set for a while, and I absolutely love them!


New idle setup


Cool stuff! That BP is extra clean.





FBC Black Velvet
Catfishbbq Red artshow
Lakewood boardrails
Dynamic trucks
Wysocki wheels (+1 random china wheel)


Made this as a farewell gift for my teacher.

Homemade 32 mm
TDLB trucks + wheels
Homemade Tuning
Creamy goo tape