Post Your Newest Setups



Some new Prete6010 from the man himself (thanks again Peter)


bw 33mm
6 years old brr 32s
ff brr ed


That is fb porn! haha Seriously tho, Prete is on my top 3 list of boards to try next.


Totally on my wish list, such a beauty :drooling_face:


Flatface G15
FBS XSmooth
Tech Deck 32mm Hangars x Dump Truck Baseplates
Flatface Dual Durometer Red and Black

My main Setup right now :slight_smile:


I set this one up about a month or so ago, but I barely use it and just built it for fun!

FingerBoard Connoisseur “Earth” Series - Fire Deck
2KR 32mm PRO - RAW Trucks
FingerBoard Connoisseur Tuning
Oak RV2V Wheels
CHape Tape


wow, those Pretes are beautiful…


Thanks bro, Peter makes epic decks


I got two new setups during the ASI no10 weekend. Got one of the Asi10 decks from TKY and bought a pair of trucks and wheels to fit with it. And on the next day I even got the purple BerlinWood together with the set of trucks as a gift. So obviusly I had to buy some wheels to go with that.

And yes, I’m gonna be riding them both since I don’t really like just looking at them without skating them.



the zwo tone is a yawn y2 and the other deck is one that manu oberle himself made.


here is my new baby with my deck :slight_smile:

brt trucks+possessed deck+joy cult classic white+teak tuning bushings


Self Made Deck
FF Dual Durometers
Shaped Tuned TD Trucks


Yo man, I was just wondering.
Do you like the high deck?
Would you recommend it?


Oak Wheels Bowl Acid Green
Berlinwood - Green Camo - 29mm
Black Dump Trucks

FlatFace BRR Edition Bearing Wheels - White
FlatFace - G15 - 33.6mm
Dump Trucks - Pink


OG Athena deck
P-Rep Trucks and wheels


Literally set this up ten minutes ago. First proper Berlinwood and I’m already quite liking it!

• Berlinwood Classic (En Voyage)
• Flatface Street Shape wheels
• FBS Extra Smooth
• Dump Trucks
• Flatface Team bushings


Emerald Deck 33mm
ytruck X4
oak mini
fbs tape


Custom deck made by @McFiver
Fresh brts
Oak rv2 pupils
Clean tape