Post Your Newest Setups


BW wide low
Wide BRT
Oak RV2s


Wush deck
Matching Wushings
Chrome/gun metal X5 ytrucks
FBS smooth tape
FBS ytruck spacers
Joycult XLs - Burnt white/full graphic/60d
Just waiting for my clear Dislocation board rails to show up and it’ll be complete! :raised_hands:t2::heart_eyes:


BEWARE Wenge Deck 33mm
BRT w/ TKY Bushings
Oak Wheels RV2 White


Five Luck Wu Hand Machine
Dynamic 34mm
Joycult Lites
Level Up Beta Bushings


selfmade deck
2kr trucks
oak wheels
dislocation boardrails


and another new setup
selfmade deck again
td trucks
found some old tech deck stickers which are totally awesome!
I wonder why they don’t make such small ones anymore


Ace looking deck bro


this one is from my latest mold
ultra high concave, longer wheelbase and nose and tail differ in length and angle


and a new one again :smile:
this time a huge pool bomber!
selfmade deck handpainted
tech deck 32mm trucks
fbs ytrucks spacers
oak bowl wheels
level up bushings
fbs locknuts
fbs tape


You did those trucks proud.



setup on my pro model Five Luck deck with Blackriver trucks and FBS tape


My new setup:

34mm FiveLuck deck
Blackriver trucks
Level up beta bushings
Winkler wheels
FBS tape :+1::+1:


Deck posseessed logo swirls
joycult OG white 60d
teak tuning black/white swirls
BRT trucks


Unique Carapace 34.4mm Tech Cruiser Deck
YTrucks X5 Chrome Trucks
South Soft Bushings
YWheels Y3 DualW 65D Wheels
Dislocation Board Rails
FBC Engraved Black Velvet Tape


My Joy:
Cruiser Joy Luna deck, so exotic
ytrucks x4
oaks rv2
fbs tape




My first set of XLs




A Woob?
You Rich?


You just gonna spam this thread with consecutive sick setups? haha