Post Your Newest Setups


It’s more of a first impression than anything, since I’ve owned them for a day so far.

The wheels are pretty smooth, rolls pretty good. I found them to be a bit noisy, compared to Oaks RV2V. The material is special. It has a slight grip on some surfaces and it would be slick on others. They probably feel more like plastic wheels. However, I have to admit that I’ve never had FF wheels or Winkler wheels. So as far as good plastic wheels go, I am completely clueless.


Same, haven’t tried the plastic style wheels either so no input to give. Typically ride joys for the most part


Catfishbbq now has 32 mm decks. I generally only use 32 mm decks, so i am pretty excited. I snagged one a week or so ago, set it up with some black velvet tape, dynamics, joycults, and of course beta bushings. :slight_smile:


It’s a few years old but still one of my most used setups.

Board Kennel 32mm
FBS Extra Smooth
Original Blackriver Trucks
Winkler BRT Edition Wheels.


Been rocking this Boulala complete I got off of amazon.

The trucks that came with it were funky, so I switched to some contemporary TD trucks and now it rocks. The round wheels feel nice, one of the main reasons I got it. Got it for an outside ripper but it is good all around.

Also after like a decade, I found the original Ghetto Child wheels that came with the Shorty’s DigiDecks on eBay. I was able to set my Nacho Man up again more complete and am pretty happy :grin:


Just got his one today. 34mm Unique, 34mm Brts, Oak RV2s, Dislocation rails, Level up beta bushings



My first Cowply, finally set her up


Such a Beauty :heart_eyes:


Custom 5Luck 34x94
Brr Trucks 32mm
Dislocation bushings
Joycult XL
Dislocation boardrails


Those joycults remind me of FF g2’s so much, funny to see the squared shape loop around again.

I took one of my old sponsor decks, resanded the tails and I’m in love again. Seriously, if you can get your hands on one, do it. I heard Jader took a break making decks, but man that square concave just feels unlike anything…

Evolve Mellow (circa 2014)
China tape
FF g7 somethings
new TD trucks & tuning


iLoaf Evo End Game Shape
Aliw Fingerboarding A7 wheels
Nice Swirl bushings


Been away from fb from a couple years but got back into it recently due to not being able to skate in the MN winter. :slight_smile: sold some old stuff to get two new setups.

DK 34.5mm New Mold street shape
34mm dynamics (polished) with ytruck ed. Witchcrafts
FF x Cowply brr ed. Wheels

Opal FB 33mm
Brts with Witchcraft bushings
Winkler wheels
Ace3 tape on both (RIP) only have one sheet left now -_-
LOVING the DK though holyyyy. Pre-ordered two sets of DK wheels to go with these too so really hyped to try those.


Flint deck with brts and oak wheels :ok_hand::wine_glass:


Gorgeous setup bro :heart_eyes:


yawn deck, ywtrucks, oak wheels


possessed deck
joycult OG white
BRT white 32mm
teak tuning swirl


I’ve ridden this setup called Mandarine 8 Bumblebee for 180 days


This is seriously a dream setup for me. :slight_smile:

Fiveluck 34.5mm wu mold
34mm brts
DK wheels
Level up betas
Ace3 tape


How are you liking the DK wheels? What do they feel like?