Post Your Newest Setups


Welcome back to fingerboarding bro


Mandarine 8 Bumblebee fingerdeck 32 mm
Y trucks 32 mm
Oak Banana wheels
Black velvet griptape


33 Unique
34 Ytrucks (I actually don’t mind the stock Y bushings)
Flatface G7.1
Black Velvet tape
Black River screws.


here is mine

Devise normal shape 33mm
techdeck longboard trucks
broken knuckle fresh tuna
magenta oak minis
FBS tape


they look like flatface wheels, welcome back!! :grin:


• CatfishBBQ (Freshwater Shape)
• 32mm BRTs
• Joycult Wheels (OG)
• LevelUp Bushings
• FBS extra smooth


Epic setup Katha, hope you have fun on your Portugal tour :blush: (get extra flints for me :joy::joy::joy:)




Getting All arty with my shots :joy:
Woob, Brt, Oak minis, dynamic rail, Southsoft bushings, Dislocation pivots


My all-time favourite deck that’s been lying away for a few years. Set up this evening with new wheels, trucks and tape and I can’t be happier.

FlatFace G12
Oak RV2s
FBS Extra Smooth
Dump Trucks w/ FlatFace Team bushings