Post Your Newest Setups


This has been my go to for awhile now

Half Pint (34mm New Reg)
NoCo Stix
Dynamic 32mm
Level Up Bushin’s
Cartwheels Classic v2s



I see it now


Just noticed the well…rest of the FBC vinyl


Just got this but I ordered some flatface stuff a month ago to make this design


My cousin said it’s hard to KickFlip (joke: if your “trucks” are wider than the deck, it’s hard. And it’s smooth plastic.) I unfortunately admit…and I HATE to say this but not even FBS tape can fix this :pensive:



I’ve been fingerboarding since 2008 and took a HUGE break. Getting back to it with this LowPro from 2010 (I think), with TDs that I painted back in the day and some generic wheels from Amazon.


These two are my newest setups.

The one on the ledge:

Gripskin 34mm
Brts 32mm
Joycult Xl

The one in the front:

Stacked 34mm
Brts 34mm
Illpills Bowl Shape


Deck: crisis.fingerboards
Trucks: br Trucks wide
Wheels: oak minis
Tuning: dislocation
Tape: blackvelvet


Berlinwood Classic Low
BRR Trucks
Oak RV2s
FlatFace Team Bushings
FBS Extra Smooth

I received this deck last year and planned on using it as a backup. It’s now my second main. I’ve fallen in love with the thing over the past week.

I also think it was one of the last few 29mm Lows available for purchase from a retailer.


Berlinwood Classic
BRR Trucks
FlatFace BRR Edition Street Shapes
LevelUp Beta Bushings
Dislocation Pivot Cups
FBS Extra Smooth

God, I love the colour combination of this setup. Going in as one of my new mains.