Post Your Newest Setups


Here’s my newest color match setup.


G15, Indy’s and winklers


My latest flint setup, PS2 graphic, brr trucks, oak minis, teak tuning, dynamic boardrail.


Onfos look soooo nice! I need to try one sometime


Purple Nurple!


It’s not new anymore, but here’s a picture from when it was.
FiveLuck Tech-5 33.6mm Swirl deck
Undead Fvcker UFT2 trucks + tuning
Wysocki Turqouise Turtle Skate-Wide Shape 7.5mm wheels
Northwoods Cleansheets tape


My current setup is an Idle FB with oak wheels and ytruck x5s. I really like all these stuff and if you not ridden any of it you should give it a shot.


I just got the trucks in the mail so I was finally able to finish this beauty

Deck: Onfo (I’m not 100% on size/mold deck was a gift from @Onfo_fb
Trucks: Yellowood X5’s Pink Baseplate/Chrome Hangers
Wheels: Oak X Flatface lime green and blue
Tape: Chemsfb Pineapplekush
Tuning: Levelup Y Betas Lime | Ytruck Spacers from FBS


sexy, i run chem tape on all my setups, i really like his signature waffle tape


Set this up yesterday.

  • nature deck
  • brr trucks
  • brr pivot cup
  • level up beta bushings
  • ff/ oak wheels
  • fbs tape


@baboomt Sexy setup bro, great to see you on FFI. I would give a :black_heart: but have used them all up :man_shrugging:


hey buddy, I‘m also pleased meet you here! haha good to know there is a heart limitation! thanks anyway!


High fingerboard surfer deck
Dynamic trucks
Oak wheels
Level up beta bushings
FBC Black Velvet grip


Damn… :open_mouth:that is a beauty.


nature77 deck
blackriver trucks
joycult 70d
levelup beta bushings
dislocation boardrail
fbs tape


Already posted but here is my sblmnl with my new wysocki wheels

Chems FB tape, brts, wysocki cheese heads 6.5, sblmnl deck, teak Kelsey fb tuning



Woob deck, ywtrucks, oakwheels, levelup busheengz


Catfishbbq Freshwater 33mm
Dynamic Trucks
Joycult Classic 60D
Southsoft Bushings
Fbs Tape


Berlin Wood X-Wide
Blackriver-Trucks wide
Winkler Wheels Big Daddyz
A mix of TKY and Riptape Bushings


@Olli sick setup bro :heart_eyes: