Post Your Newest Setups


Here are my Two Main setups.
Unique decks 32mm (nesting shape ) X Y-Trucks X4 X Southsoft Bushings X FF G7.1 X Dynamic Boardrails

Berlinwood 32mm low shape X BRTS 32mm X Dislocation Pivotcups X Southsoft bushings X Dislocation boardrails X Oakswheels x FF Collab Wheels X FBS Extra smooth


My 3 mains :relaxed:

From left to right
Cowply c2, Brt, Dislocation Boardrail, Flatface
Cowply c2, Brt, Oaks
Homemade deck, Brt, Oaks


The Guy from nature Decks improves so damn well.
Everytime i see you guys posting a deck im like : What? :o:



Here’s my setup!

Deck: En51
Tape: FBS Extra Smooth
Trucks: Blackriver Trucks Wide 2.0
Wheels: Oak Rv2


Here’s my secondary setup!

Deck: Rizen
Tape: FBS Extra Smooth
Trucks: Blackriver Trucks Wide 2.0 White Baseplate
Wheels: Oak Rv2


Flint Photoseries (by Manu Oberle)
Blackriver 32mm Trucks.
Oak Wheels RV2


Not a “newest setup” but just thought I would share


She’s beautiful😎


It’s not REALLY new anymore… but it’s my newest.
Woob relax shape that Zac hooked me up with when I met him in November
Brand new BRTs with oring bushings… because i dont like rocking buchered wrist bands. Lol
Joycult color changing wheels (can’t remember the name of the color)
TNP. Original Ace formula tapetape



@inQntrol some sweet looking setups there bro :heart_eyes:


just got this in the mail :sparkling_heart: wayyyyy better then the tech deck I was using lmao


Y’all aren’t ready for this level of shredding
26mm Lakewood deck
Tech deck trucks with Orings
FlatFace G6D’s
Truly a time capsule to ride and it rides well :paw_prints:


This is my new Five Luck Enigma. Came out of Canada with 7 plies of goodness. I’ve outfitted this bad motha with some Teak Swirl Bubble Bushings, Banana OS 7.5 wysockis, LSD pivot and Dynamic trucks


Bonk board, dynamic trucks, joycult wheels


new skowood astral shape withmotionwheels and a special wush, i got some time ago from jamie <3


Dont make me go find my old Zshred setup


In love with this deck, if for no other reason, it was made for me by my friend @ovrcst
Deck- Overcast
Boardrail- Overcast
Trucks- Blackriver
Wheels- Flatface/Oak
Bushings- Southsoft
Pivots- Dislocation


My sweet daily setup… and only legit setup.

Deck - KamelproFingerboards 35.5 x 98
Trucks - 2kr 34mm
Wheels - Oak RV2V with FBS YTrucks Spacers (makes for a 35.2mm truck)
Tuning - Teak Tuning Bubble bushing with homemade pivot cups