Post Your Newest Setups


Is that a Brutal?


Kinkalla from spain!
Never had a brutal tbh!


Wie geil eckig die winklers sind :smiley:
Love it how edges the winkler are :smiley:


Genau so kantig wie Fatman!
As edgy as Fatman!


BeastPants Beastsquatch Thrashwear Ferral 33.5mm
32mm black BRTs
Joycult Skunkz Lites 60D
FBS extra smooth tape
FlatFace Rhom bushings

Finally have a deck with a black bottom ply! Can’t wait to see how this will look when it gets trashed up. Really dig the feel of this deck combined with the Joycult lites…although it feels really good with XLs, too


just got this board today from my sponsor Idle, everyone should check them out.

Trucks: dynamic
Wheels: dual duros
Bushings: level up beta bushings



Newest new setup. Thanks to @McFiver !!!


ProLeisure Fingerboards Japanese Rising Sun custom deck, Blackriver Trucks 32mm (gold baseplate silver hangar) Winkler Wheels Fatmans, red and white teak tuning, and Sponsormetape. Really love this setup


Trying to match colours!

Dynamic Trucks
Flatface DualDuro


Really like that, matching bushings n cores- flexing with the details!


I’m usually just riding decks I make or Berlinwoods, but I’m really feeling this Beastpants as a nice change up.


Better pics of the tech5 blade from @McFiver



Los Angeles FB Low Mold deck
FF Dual Duros
TDLB Trucks
Teak Bubble Bushings



Lovely setups


You WOULD say that… Lmao jk :stuck_out_tongue: :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Technically my newest setup even though I haven’t bought any new parts in like 2 years :thinking:

Riptape slim and catchy
BRR 32mm with some black o-rings from ripkits or something, tight as shit
FF BRR editions (thx Mike)


Blossom deck, sick UK company!
Yellow Brts
Flatface turquoise brt editions

  • girlfriends matching hair
    Love it


Newest fanger whip, thanks to @McFiver