Post Your Newest Setups


Latest setup courtesy of @thefingerlounge
Such an epic fella to deal with



Berlinwood 32mm
Brt truck 32 + o ringz green
Joy Cult white 70D

Catfish saltwater 34mm
Brt truck 32 + level up blue
Joy Cult Skyrock 60D



The set up :surfing_man:t5:‍♂️
-FlatFace G15 33.6mm
-BR Wide Trucks
-FF BR Black Wheels


Redemption AK+
Wide Brts.
Southsoft Bottom bushing/Beta bushing Top
Oak wheels R2v2
Theory Grip!
Insane shape


Sometimes you cant beat a straight flatface, flawless shit


•Ytrucks X5 pink
•Ywheels Y2 DualT
•selfmade deck


Basic setup but it’s still so sexy gold wide brrs should be here tomorrow
Winkler TLC
RIP tape


Stacked x Bawse 1 of 1 34.5mm
Ytrucks X5 Gunmetal/Tiffany
Joycult 60D Tanners
FBS Tape
Teak Tunings


Thanks for the invite👊
My Current whip.
Greasy Notorious GFB
BlackRiver Trucks
Teak Tuning
FlatFace Dual Duros
FBS tape



Not new but just started using it yesterday and love the shape :heart:


Some kinda thang. Not my newest, but it’s only seen flatground at this point, so it looks SUPER new. Lol


One of my setups:
Flint Logo Series
Blackriver trucks 2.0 gold
Joycult Lites rose swirl
Levelup Bushings
FBS Tape


My tank:
Piratenholz Logo 33 mm
Dynamic Trucks 32 mm
Joycult XL
Levelup bushings
FBS Tape


Flying Fingers Busty Mona 34mm
Flatface party swirls
Clean sheets grip


  • 1 of 1 ChemsFB Carbon Fiber Squared 33x96 (Lo-Lo Shape)
  • White CNC Lathe Wheels
  • BRR wise trucks
  • Riptape


  • nature decks, two tone
  • joycult classics, 70D
  • dynamic trucks
  • level up beta bushings
  • foam tape pivot cups
  • fbs tape


Two of my latest setups:

BeastPants Handplant Thrashwear Rabid 33.5mm
silver BRTs
Joycult Six XLs 60D
FlatFace Rhom bushings
FBS tape

The Friendship Skateboards x Catfishbbq “Skate Mondays” 34mm Freshwater Deck
Joycult PK classics 70D
silver BRTs
blue TKY BRT bushings
FBS tape


How are you liking the BRR Edition black material? I did some shopping on FlatFace the other day and threw some of the new black “Street Shape” wheels on my order. I was wondering how smooth and grippy they were compared to the other materials they have.