Post YOUR Park!


I’ll start. Here is a park my dad and a friend helped me work on.


That’s sick man. My wife and I are starting my park very soon.


Thanks man! Most of the work is designing the park. Cutting out the wood, gluing and nailing it took no time at all. It’s a fun weekend project.


I’m using sketch up to design. I’ve made a handful of ramps n plazas back in t he day


Sick! SketchUp is great for park design. Be sure to post it when you are done. I’m sure the park is gonna be rad.


Love the park Nick! Hopefully there will be another event soon so I can shred it again :smiley:


I’m currently working on a park for a Portland event that I’m planning! I’ll take pics when I’m home at my parents house this weekend


Thanks man! Might be working on a concrete park if I’m not too busy!


I’m stoked for the event. Hopefully I can make it up up to Portland. It’s a 5 hour drive for me I think.


I love your park, Nick. Put a quarter on the higher level and it’s perfect!


I’m currently working on a concrete park with a friend of mine, its about 2/3 done. I’ll be sure to share it when it is finished


The Seattle crew will all be there when the time comes!


Here is my fingerboard park/playground. Built the table myself measuring 2250(length) x 600(width) x 935(height)mm. Then arranged with obstacles that I’ve acquired over the years.


That will kill my wallet


damn such a nice little plaza man, i just built a table similar in size for the same thing and ill definitely be thinking of this park when im finishing mine :grin:


Major goals right here


So fun, I’ve been thinking about building a playground myself. I might use your measurements, looks great. Do you sit down to ride?



My god man. I thought I was looking at the real Carlsbad gap!


Haha, thanks. I tried to make it as to scale and realistic as possible.