Post YOUR Park!


Hopefully I’ll be able to sesh it at one of the LA events :smiley:


It will be at the socalG8sessions March 11th in Fullerton.


holy crap man this is insane, you have a gift


Thanks. You should see the split plys I make. They look pretty cool too.


id love to see some @LAFB


I won’t be able to get down there until late spring or early summer! (from Seattle)


Go check out my instagram account to see my deckography. @losangelesfingerboards


This was my spot for a very long time hehe


No I stand up on this park. I made sure I built the table height that is comfy for me. Just below elbow height. You don’t wanna get back ache. All the best with your table/park :slight_smile:


Sessions Plaza built by myself, Chris from Stacked, and David from Airflo (he didn’t make the rails). This was built for the SessionsUSA Pop-up Store in Downtown Los Angeles this recent January.

If you have any questions regarding building or anything like that, let me know!


My happy place.


ou really nice parks. More a spot than a park from me, but it’s my first spot at home i can skate standing :slightly_smiling_face: (before i was shredding on the kitchen table…) The obstacles can be changed. Maybe i’ll get a bit bigger ground-plate (20 centimeters more in each direction & it’s perfect ) & add some playground-like obstacles on each end of it.


Ohh snap! I’m right in the middle of CA. Right by the I5 if you drive.


Here’s my park!
I made it without any machines, but with a few blackriver ramps.


That park is perfect… Hope to get down there for the next event!


Built this some years ago. Right now I want to change some things. When I get on it, I will keep you updated!


some changes at the mid section of my park.


Always a favourite bro :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


thanks a lot buddy :blush::raised_hands:


Those flints! I’ve always wanted one, how are they?