Post YOUR Park!


you should get one! stunning design and craftmanship! and im also in love with the shape.


you know i love this place :smiley:


You know where to find it :wink:


Finally cleaned up and organized mine. It sits on top of my “closet”

Fingerboard park/place to riding

maybe the best park setup i have ever had.


Just a small little plaza. I got 2 bigger plazas I will post the next couple of days.


Here‘s another one:


One more:


Fantastic parks everyone, they look great!


I’ve made a little progress since this, but still a lot of work to be done!



At „Am Steig“ we have tons of parks and obstacles. At my old flat in Dortmund however I had nothing to fingerboard on at all, so I decided to build something not taking up too much space. :grinning:


Soooo sick! So many skate vids from the past are rolling through my head now!!


Just posted mine in a seperate thread with an explanation, but I’ll at least have to upload one photo here


as a Solution at home this i probably the best i ever ride.
Perfect height especially for peeps over 6Feet
not noisy as fffffffkk
and also at a homies place!

Loving this place alot!


you got your own little steig in Dortmund! Looks hella fun!


Dem big bushes love em!


thanks bro, appreciate a lot! lets meet after your exams hustle.


Im totally down!


Awesome parks! Definitely wish I had the room to make one.


Nah i prefer standing… Table is just below elbow height for me which is the perfect height