Post YOUR Park!


Lovin this little setup at the moment!
Built the little double heighted ledge with the granit tile on it myself and am super happy with the outcome :v:t2:


Rad stuff!


Its coming together :slight_smile: The pyramid was tough to get all the angles and cutouts right. I had to re do it once, but I’m pretty happy with the results I was able to get. Just a few sections left to finish! I’m going to concrete the quarter/hip section at the end and I’m going to get some rails custom made. It’s always up in the air if my design and measurements will be a good size. This time I lucked out!


Cool shit!


Nice design and execution. I can’t help but feel that the space could of been used a lot better but it’s very nice either way.


Uploaded my park pics in a wrong thread. You’ll get it here also. This is one of two I have, the other one is in the background.
These are the essential parks of fingerboarddenmark HQ.


That double set looks awesome.


A new plaza I made:



Here’s a small park I made.


Very nice and compact. I like it!


Some of the pieces can move