Post Your Thrashed Setups ⚡️


It’s awesome to see folks new setups, but it’s epic to see peeps thrashed setups. Share your well loved decks.


I’ll get the ball rolling with a couple of my well used flint decks




@Grayson that’s one epically thrashed Catfishbbq ‘Depths’ deck!!! Good stuff (I would :black_heart: but once again I’ve used them all up :joy:)


Here is my current main! Really enjoying it. @nocomply


So epic Ben, awesome to see you riding another company as well, so much love in this scene :blush:


This setup is so great, I have worn this thing into perfection.
Deck: chemsfb
Trucks: Ytrucks X5’s
Wheels: Oak RV2
Tape: chemsfb
Tuning: Levelup


Holy smokes Sam, worn to perfection is an understatement :heart_eyes:
The wear on your setup is perfection!!!


bw low wide still my favourite set up right now


Maybe not trashed but used.


Soooo… this deck outlived a set of BRTs. Lol just got these brand new x5s for it, and it still pops like new.

Stoop Deck 35mm
Ytruck X5s
Witchcraft Ytruck Bushings
Oak RV2V’s
TNP Tape


I’m so jealous of this deck… haha Love me some NoCo!!!



Deck: 29mm Berlin Wood low shape!
Got that deck in february 2016
Trucks: Blackrivertracks 29mm
got them around 2009-2010
Bushings: Southsoft bushings
Boardrails: Dynamic boardrails
Wheels: Oak Wheels rv2v
Tape: FBS extra smooth!


my 33.5 x 96.5 Witness, Chems Pizza Party tape, Black on Black BRTs, White Oak R2v2, purple Teak bubble bushings. This setup is perfect.


Redneck vision 33mm
Y trucks 32mm
Middfinger wheels
Beta Bushings
ENAK tape


Flatface x Berlin Wood Collab G15 Rick & Morty deck
32mm BRTs
Joycult Frostie Classics 60D
FBS extra smooth tape
Flatface Rhom bushings

Really love that bottom ply!


@dr.fingersk8 that’s one tasty setup, do those frostys glow?!?


Thanks! The wear on your Flints looks amazing. Those are the regular Frosties. Can’t wait for the glow Frosties to get here, been hoping to get my hands on some glow ‘cults for some time now :grin:


Really shows how long BRTs last. Buy one set and you’re set for life.