Post Your Thrashed Setups ⚡️


Usually i come around with a set for about a year and a bit more.

I can show pictures where i broke trucks


oak minis
levelup beta


It’s a bit more thrashed now I took this last week

Sblmnl deck
Wysocki Cheese heads 6.5
Chems tape
Teak tuning


Bro, that’s looking sooooo epic !!


thanks a lot, bra! :smiley:


Usually don’t like stickers but…


I already posted but i thought i give it another shot.


My setups.


Bro, you have some epically thrashed decks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:


Damn down to the axle!


All 34mm setup only used in granite and concrete.


Welcome Philippe :v::v::v::v:


Does thrashed tape count? This is right before I had enough of applying patch fixes:


Berlinwood classic shape 29mm
Brt 2.0 yellow -TKY bushings
Rip Tape
Winkler Wheels D-Rex Edition old


Hah, I was using tape like this up until a few weeks ago. 7 year old riptape, so worn out it was a shock when I regripped it.


Holy cow, 7 years? I feel like I’m doing something wrong then haha - mine ended up that way after 3 months.


Finally got a fisheye :sparkling_heart:


Thrashed deck from @ovrcst


Grimey deck, winkler wheels, dynamic trucks, level up bushings, mono fb rails