Post Your Thrashed Setups ⚡️


Witness for life brother!


I’m up to 5 right now. Bout to order #6


Man seeing an axle on a fingerboard set up!

You sir, are a Legend.


Check out Chico’s trucks everyone, never seen this before :eyes:


My 2 main woobs.

Woob Cozy Synthetic
TNP tape
Joycult wheels - yolkies

Woob Cozy
TNP Tape
Joycult wheels - black cats


Flatface G15
TKY signature bushings
Flatface BRR editions (unreleased color :wink:)


29mm Berlin Wood Low Shape
29mm BRTS V01
Winkler Wheels Classics
Cherry Tape
Southsoft Bushings
Wheels and Trucks are about 9-10years old
Questions? :smiley:


Galaxy of Flowers 34 * 97 mm with GoF boardrails, fbs smoothtape, 2kr trucks & oakwheels (bowlshape, i guess)



1 month old :man_shrugging:



My minimal sblmnl setup


My Super thrased old berlinwood 32 mm: :skull_and_crossbones:


My Tech5 tidepod coming along nicely. Lol


I made this deck sometime in February


32mm berlinwood, brts, oaks


5 years ago if these pictures were posted in the thrashed setup thread in Fbhq, they wouldn’t even be considered thrashed haha.



There are brands that come and go, there are brands that are really hyped and sell like crazy. When i saw this beauty on sale on fbs i couldn’t pass. Yeah, i don’t dig the graphic that much, but i’ll ride this thing no matter what. Best craftsmanship there will ever be.


Chipped like the real thing! :smile:


How’s the pop on it?