Post Your Thrashed Setups ⚡️


Witness for life brother!


I’m up to 5 right now. Bout to order #6


Man seeing an axle on a fingerboard set up!

You sir, are a Legend.


Check out Chico’s trucks everyone, never seen this before :eyes:


My 2 main woobs.

Woob Cozy Synthetic
TNP tape
Joycult wheels - yolkies

Woob Cozy
TNP Tape
Joycult wheels - black cats


Flatface G15
TKY signature bushings
Flatface BRR editions (unreleased color :wink:)


29mm Berlin Wood Low Shape
29mm BRTS V01
Winkler Wheels Classics
Cherry Tape
Southsoft Bushings
Wheels and Trucks are about 9-10years old
Questions? :smiley:


Galaxy of Flowers 34 * 97 mm with GoF boardrails, fbs smoothtape, 2kr trucks & oakwheels (bowlshape, i guess)



1 month old :man_shrugging:



My minimal sblmnl setup


My Super thrased old berlinwood 32 mm: :skull_and_crossbones:


My Tech5 tidepod coming along nicely. Lol


I made this deck sometime in February


32mm berlinwood, brts, oaks


5 years ago if these pictures were posted in the thrashed setup thread in Fbhq, they wouldn’t even be considered thrashed haha.