Post Your Thrashed Setups ⚡️


Still good…


here’s my old setups, from about 2010-12 I think…

Yellowood (prize from no comply meetup?)
No Comply mini wheels?

Push M2 (ultraslick?)
No Comply wheels

Redemption deck?
Flatface wheels (G4?)


my colleagues and my setup at work


Flint ps1
Brr trucks
Southsoft bushings
Oak Bowl wheels
Fbs boardrails
Fbs tape


That’s sick bro, I’m a huge flint fan




devise 33mm regular shape
brts 32mm
oak wheels Rv2 magenta
tree tape
level up o rings
(i acctually used techdeck washers on the top


Ayy no comply is prob. The only place you are able to find 6 ply in america. Or there are 7 plies from BRR now. Anyone tried those yet. But really, imagine EVERYTHING in a setup being blackriver XD