Redemption fb wheels ($26 shipped to my door)


To start off the review I thought they where going to be worth that money they broke within a hour of using he sent me another set and those messed up in about the same time it wasn’t mytrucks because I had 29 mm black rivers which you can see on my instagram: thewaybackmachine54 (They are broken now but whatever if you are going to buy wheels either spend $10 more on cartwheels or ($16~) on joycults I wasted my money so you didn’t have to his hand board wheels are good but the fb wheels use the same urethane so the bearings don’t stick too it overall 1(or none stars out of 10) sorry for this being long I was just mad about it


This honestly isn’t much of a review. It would have been nice to see pictures of the product, damage, etc. This is a very biased review and just promoting a purchase of a different product. If you’re going to review something, atleast post some pictures of the product which is actually going to be a LOT more helpful than a paragraph without punctuation.


Please work on your writing.


It’s not letting my put the images on it also sorry about my bad writing I’m used to talking like I’m streaming if you want to see images dm me on insta


Sorry I may be American but my English skills suck I was also mad when I wrote this that’s probably some of the reason for grammar issues sorry for no proof reading


Also I wasn’t trying to advertise I was trying to avoid people wasting their money on the wheels but his decks are supposed to be good