Restoring Urethane Wheels w/ Bearing Slip


I think this falls under the DIY category, as I’m essentially trying to find a way to renew the bond between a set of urethane fingerboard wheels and their single-bearings.

Backstory: I purchased a set of wheels online and the single-bearings were not performing well right out of the bag. Further inspection showed that the bearings weren’t spinning at all, where I think the bond used to keep the bearings in place may have leaked into the casings and caused them to freeze up. The company did replace them and the new ones are so much better. They wouldn’t accept the old wheels back and my brain won’t let me throw them away (yet). I doubt I could sell them as they are (unless anyone wants them :wink:), so I figured I’d try to fix them up and maybe use them on an outdoor setup.

Preparation: I first popped the bearings out of each wheel, which unfortunately ruined the cores’ original integrity because I watched the adhesive strip out as the bearings came loose. Then I heated each of the bearings with a lighter until the adhesive ignited. This combustion cleared the bearings of any foreign material and now they all spin freely! However, the issue that remains is fixing them back into the wheels. There are no internal grooves and the cores are not funneled, so the bearings slip in/out without any friction.

TLDR: With all of that said, here’s where I need the DIY advice - does anyone know a safe, reliable way to keep slipped single-bearings in place? Otherwise, I’m just going to toss a line out on eBay to see if anyone wants my old wheels for a few bucks. If not, I’ll probably have to throw them in the trash. If anyone has any good answers, maybe this will help others who have similar issues with slippery-bearing wheels in their arsenal.



First thought is super glue but that could go poorly quickly…my next thought would be maybe trying to wrap the outer side of the bearing with a layer of something like electrical tape or something similar and try to force it back in. The extra layer I would assume should help the bearing stay more snug without the use of glue? Could be worth a shot before trashing them…


Depending what they are and what you’d want for them I may be interested just to see if I could figure something out myself haha


Yea I think glue was the original problem with the wheels. They are Redemption’s 1st-Gen fingerboard wheels; they worked out the kinks and their new wheel mold seems to be much better, but the old ones didn’t work out so well for me. The urethane is soft and squeaks a tiny bit on some surfaces, but they’re relatively quiet otherwise.

Wrapping the bearing with something is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how well that would survive a few primo slams. I was going to sell them for like $5+shipping on eBay; they’re normally around $30 retail. I don’t even know if I should really sell them, since they don’t currently function and I set the bearings on fire to fix them :sunglasses:


I’ve had success with superglue. Get the kind that does not expand! Then squirt some out on a piece of paper and use a toothpick to put minuscule dots on the outside of the bearing, making sure there is not enough to spill over into the bearing. Press your bearing back in, and make sure it’s straight as can be.