Riptape is so bad


I got a 2 sheets of thin and catchy riptape off my friend but I had to throw away the first sheet because the grip job!out so bad and the second one has badly refined edges as well. I applied the riptape to the board like i would apply any other tape but the tape is quite far away from the edge


I like Rip Tape a lot. I’ve read that the original Rip Tape was better than the current formula, but I’m pretty sure I’ve tried both and never had a problem with either version. Here’s a picture of my Berlinwood engraved grip job - it still looks pretty much the same, even after a few months of use.


I also used the riptape and never had any issues with it.


The normal Riptape is good and I like it, but the slim and catchy one is horrible like complicated said.


Mate if you think new riptape is bad you should try original riptape. Seriously though new riptape is good.


I take my comment back - I looked at my purchase history and realized I never actually tried the Slim & Catchy version. What’s the main difference between the two?


its slimmer and more catchy :smiley:

just kidding. But yeah its a bit thinner, and i think just another formula :slight_smile: