This where people can post items they want to sell


If anyone has some OG white joys I’ll buy !!!


If anyone is selling 32mm TD trucks PM me.


flatface g15, wide black brts, joycult 60ds, chemsfb tape
berlinwood wide low, 32mm dynamics, light link rv2vs, chems fb tape
berlinwood 29 mm classic, yellow 29mm brts, flatface streetshape
beastpants feral, wide brts, flatface rasta swirls chemtape
catfishbbq freshwater, wide brts chem tape

for sale or trade, wheels trucks everything, dm for details thanks :+1:t4:


For trade or sale (From left to right) I have a Ravisauce, an Idle, a Hampton deck and another Hampton deck. The trucks/wheels on the first hampton deck are not for sale. PM me offers or for questions.


Selling Entire Yellowood Collection
I retired from fingerboarding. Will not split up collection send to verified PayPal address or cash in mail. Serious offers only only want money will not take any offers less than 1000! or trade for anything. Payable by ETH and BTC as well



I’ve got some dude, they’re 60D’s


Ytrucks x5 (practically brand new) $50
Green flatface G15 7ply—$35
Harald schon hand painted G15–$25
JoyCult wheels —$25
Oak wheels RV2—$25

Thanks all! Have a good day!


I have a brr pocket quarter I’m willing to sell or trade. I’m looking to get $37 shipped. US only. Send me a message if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Hey i want the joycults, how much you want for them, or would you trade?


Hey would you trade for joycults or oaks and are rhe joycults 60 D?


What shape are the Joycults and what year?


Anyone into 29mm want to trade this two tone flatface g12deep?

This is the last deck i got before i quit years ago.

Trade for decks wheels trucks etc.


I’d trade a 33mm low mood homework smokestack.


Could you post some pics?