Share your collection


Thought I would create a post to share your collection. Either in its entirety or just as a portion. Ramps, decks, wheels even just one particular company. I’ll kick it off with my Piratenholz collection :blush:


Always wanted a Piratenholz, they came out right before I fell off for a bit.

Here’s a couple sets from my collection:


Holywood (pre 2006)

Fapwood/Black Diamond

No Comply



Nice one bro, you got some real classics there


Amazing stuff guys​:clap:t2::clap:t2:


Plenty I wish I still had, I’ll have to go back through and re-catalog it. Wish I had a Hikikomori :disappointed_relieved:


You remember those​:clap:t2::clap:t2:


Considering on buying a piratenhotlz deck, you reccomend them?


Damn, always wanted a Jclant back in the days! You got a really nice collection there!


You know we can change that, haha. That last FBS stock went a little quick…


from top left to bottom right
tech deck prototype grip/tech deck gold/silver/carbon fiber prototypes. berlinwood circa 2013. berlin wood 2013~? , homewood circa 2011? random homemade
bottom row
yellowood 4 ply, yellow wood 5 ply painted. no comply/ no comply everslick. two homemades. broken riddler deck. first gen wooden tech deck. snapped emanent.