Spode boards


After being gone since early 2000’s I’m announcing Spode fingerboards will be up and running very soon. I’ve been working with new molds and everything. So any OG’s that remember Spode from the very early days y’all keep your eyes peeled.


Woah! That’s a blast from the past. I had a Josh Jones pro model graphic for a bit, one of the best decks for the era. Instagram is where fingerboarding thrives right now.

Some OGs Instagrams for you to check

Heaps of other dudes like me that came in 03 and 04 but missed the Spode boat


Yea man I seen that( about Instagram).
Boy how everything has changed! It’s really cool seeing trucks and urethane wheels with bearings and people doing wear graphics. It’s just crazy that a high end complete is almost $150 :flushed:
Yea Spode wasn’t around for very long I honestly forget how long I actually did it but josh jones and I been talking on and off for years now and once I finally decided to start making decks again I wanted him on board. I’m gonna probably have him help me do some special board designs n shit. Probably won’t be making tons of boards for sale only limited quanities. Mainly for OG’s to reminisce too and new youngins to get a new styled classic


That sounds awesome I very much hope to see some Spodes around and would snatch one up given the chance. Shattered I traded mine away all those decades ago


I missed the Spode boat, but I think my friend Kevin King might of had one.

Man would love to buy one once you get rollin again! Keep us posted :call_me_hand:

Also, if you have any old photos/info you could provide, I would love to see a thread for Spode under “The Museum” section. Trying to build a database of old products from yesteryear. Would love to have info straight from the creator. One, to help people identify what they have if they’re hazy, secondly because I’ve seen multiple people take old company names on IG. Most of these kids probably didn’t know these companies existed…but shit, we’ve even seen somebody knowingly try to imposter Arctic on IG :rofl:


Man I wish I still had all my old photos and videos from those days. But everything got wiped or deleted I’m sure. I wish I still could find my old website from groceries! Or find any of my old graphics so I could bring some back and put em on the new boards. I remember my packaging I had thick card stock folded in half over the ziploc baggy and the card I had printed pics of the exotic wood boards and the website was on there. I’m trying to get ahold of mike Schneider because I seen he has 3 spodes with graphics on em and I wanna try and get him to send me good pics of them. Which is sure is going to be hard as hell to get in touch with him now days.


Idk if he browses on here or not, I’m sure he’d reach out if he saw your post.

I was lucky Photobucket didn’t wipe my account with all my photos I used to post on here.

I’ll ask around on IG and see if I can help :+1:


Awesome. Much appreciated brotha! Too bad there isn’t a forum like rzf used to be. That would be pretty sweet. Also, if any of y’all have a berlinwood or a yellowood( they look nice) that they’d be willing to trade let me know. Even it’s used and graphic worn or no graphic. I wanna get my hands on one and can’t bring myself to spend $40-$50 on just a board…thanks


Can’t bring yourself to spend? Well then fingerboarding in the wrong hobby for you. Our make it yourself scene and pay cash through mail was a very unique thing.


Yea I know…I already said screw it and ordered a berlinwood and some winkler wheels. Can’t wait for them to come in


Just wanted to give a heads up to all y’all. My new mold should be done by next week if not this weekend. Also, I don’t have any credit card machine. So to the OG’s what’s the best way to receive money now days? I know money in mail was how it was but I doubt anyone would like to do that. Pay pal?


I would only buy with PayPal, or a bigcartel shop


Ok. Im gonna have to make a PayPal account and I have the cash app as well.

New mold in works will be done tomorrow, new wood coming in today. Hopefully by Sunday I’ll have a few boards ready to post pics of.



Looking great :heart_eyes:


Spode decks officially for sale dm me on Instagram. Cr_914