This may be the wrong thread for something like this but here goes… I am new to the fingerboard scene but not to the “sponsored” scene. I have been sponsored for skateboarding for years but how does the whole sponsorship thing work for fingerboarding? I have noticed on Instagram that several people “ride” for a brand but clearly skate a different board/product in all of their posts. In skateboarding this is a huge no-no and will get you kicked off a team super quick. What goes with this? Is the fingerboarding community more understanding of things like this or are a lot of these people just thirsty and crumb-snatching for whatever company will pick them up whether they like their product or not… I agree what a lot of people said in this thread already though, it should be about the fun. If its not fun, then you are doing this for the wrong reasons…


I understand your point pretty well, I think.

I was sponsored by a company a long time ago now called “WangsterDecks” and they just vanished after a long time and I only every received 1 package after the years I was “apparently” on there for, although I always repped them as I thought it was expected. I wasn’t very good then. :joy:

I am now at a point in fingerboarding where I consider myself fairly good, maybe not as inventive as some of these guys on instagram but pretty solid overall, I have won competitions at events here in the UK and can understand your point of seeing other do well if you are at the same or better level.

After being sponsorless for the amount of time I have been now, I can tell you that you have to just not care and not expect anything. Let it happen (if it does). If it’s not happening, ask yourself why. Do I need to be better? Do I need to make more friends in the scene? Is it the way I advertise myself on whatever platform?

9 times out of 10, people that own companies (fingerboard wise I’m talking about) pick up people they have had a good relationship with, met in person, or have bonded with online. Not just someone they don’t know well and they’re just good at fingerboarding.

That’s how I look at it anyway.

You’ll get there, chin up.

It’s not all about being sponsored. It’s about the mates you make doing it.



Hi Elliot. I definitely liked your perspective . on that note, you only have 12 Instagram followers. You are good, but that’s not going to be an effective advertising tool for any company. And yes. It is more fun to just Fingerboard and not be constantly trying to get a sponsor. But if you want one, it will come to you when you have more eyeballs pointed in your direction.