Stone House Sesh II - Xi Jin edit


A video from a fingerboard event called Stone House Sesh II, in Alcester, England on 21st July 2018.

I didn’t know anyone at the event prior to going so I didn’t ask too many people to film tricks for the video - most of it is just me. Also, I hadn’t been fingerboarding too much for a while so my clips aren’t too great and maybe a bit repetitive. Haven’t made a full video in a really long time! There’s minimal editing just to get this done even though it only took 1½ months after the event to finish it. I came top 8 in the comp but it’s not in the video.

It was seriously awesome to have a fingerboard event in UK though. Huge thanks to Kelsey and her family for hosting this event. It was really great to meet everyone - lots of British and international fingerboarders made it to the event, and thanks if you signed my box lid!

I’m riding two boards in this video -
Main board: Blosom 32mm deck, Ytrucks X4, Cartwheels Urethane Dual Bearing wheels, FBS Tape.
Chode board: Zink 50mm custom deck, Ace³ tape, Tech Deck 46mm mountainboard trucks and Tech Deck cruiser wheels.

I’ve recently started a fingerboard/skateboard instagram:
Feel free to check out Kelsey’s YouTube: