Storage for your boards and hardware


A place, to show off your boxes or wherever you keep all your stuff (hardware/ unused decks, etc…


Nice! I REALLY want @Lakewoodfb new FB box… fiercely… Lol
But for now, I have these

Cash box. Mostly unused decks. The under tray is full of trucks, wheels, tuning, tape, tools, etc.

Then my daily carry bag. It currently holds about 20 or so completes in hard cases

These are the hard cases. I just use them to keep the setups from getting crushed


Those boxes you’ve got hold a trove for sure, and I’m really glad you like the box I’ve designed! Speaking of which, I’ll share a picture of that box design here:

Hopefully that worked, but yeah that’s the box! Removable slots, custom compartment box, felt lining, the works haha.


Yep… need me some of that. Lol


How I store/display my gear. Travel cases, deck holders, main box, and miscellaneous boxes for storage and display.


You guys are all way more organized than me


I miss my flash bone bag so much 🥺 got stolen at Vous. the unbranded Chinese ones just aren’t the same rip


Stink. That would suck