Bringing back the favorite topic on the ol’ FFI!



  • Any trick goes
  • Reply with whoever did the trick better!
  • First person to 5 replies in their favor wins!
  • Winner has 72 hours to set the next trick, then it becomes first-come, first-serve!


Can I set the trick?


First come, first serve!


Kickflip late shuv


Sick but it would’ve been cool to see slow-mo


Difficult! That was a banger though


Oh sht I love Styleathon!


I’m struggling to even land this, let alone think about adding style! :sweat_smile:


I guess @Comb.jelly wins :sweat_smile: maybe film something a bit easier :yum:


Haha here’s a somewhat easier trick, switch flip front blunt


Ok forget the last two ones, here’s a tre flip


I think everyone is struggeling with left hand tricks :smiley: ! Kidding, i gave it a go:

First to 5 :metal:


That was really sweet


i vote for @Comb.jelly :slight_smile:


I actually can’t see comb.jellys so Peter default wins, still a damn steezy tre though!


Let’s Start this Styleathon up again!

  • Rider A
  • Rider B

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This time using Polls to vote (First to 5!)