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Hey Forum,
I know, I am quite active at the moment, right?
Maybe I am close to 20 Reviews on the FFI? Time to celebrate? Who knows?

Systeam Fingerboards send me a package, straight from Russia. I received a securely packed bench in white. I have received stuff from them before. Last year, I reviewed one of their decks and it was awesome. Im pretty sure the bench will be crispy as well.

Some details about the bench:
Length: 29cm
Width: 5,5cm
Height: 5cm
Weight: 498grams
Material: I think its corin or something close to it.

When it comes to obstacles, I’m pretty picky. I don’t own many obstacles anymore, simply because I have this luxury of living near by the ASI Shop. So actually keeping obstacles for my home sesh is quite rare. But, what about this bench? Honestly, this is the bench I was waiting for.

The bench weights enough to stay steady in place, the length is long enough to actually let you realize when you grind and the width is wide enough for manuals. For those of you who know me, you know manual combos are my fave.
No shots fired here but pro fact: You can flip FS tail without tipping over the bench.

The edges are sharp and the grind feeling is nice - crooked grinds feel so good ughh.
Yeah, the edges are sharp but that doesn’t mean they are rough. They are totally smooth that somehow remind me of the edges of a greencurb.
It does not look cheap, feels stable and very well made.
I’m really vibing with this thing, this bench is just pure fun, no jokes.

In total, I absolutely love that bench. There is nothing to actually criticse. Its a simple obstacle for simple fingerboarders. Totally recommend to check Systeam Fingerboards out! Once again, thank you for hooking me up! Russia is showing what they are capable off.

Thank you guys for reading!
Support fingerboarding and keep on shredding my guys! (s/o @vicious274)

Check Systeam Fingerboards on :
►Instagram: @systeam.fingerboards

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!

Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban

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Yet another epic review. Love your work bro


Thank you alot! I appreciate that :slight_smile:

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Ooh sick review!! I love the idea of obstacle reviews. Hope to see more when you have the chance :slight_smile: