Tip: How to screw Ytrucks locknuts with a Tech Deck tool


Hey guys, I discovered this “hack” by accident after I got my Ytool confiscated by airport security. Not sure where I should post this, but I just want to share this info.

You might have noticed Ytrucks locknuts are smaller than the standard size nuts used by Tech Deck, Blackriver and most others, so most tools won’t work with the Ytrucks locknuts. All you need to do is get an old Tech Deck tool, and use some pliers (or other device) to squeeze the end of the tool smaller, and it will work! You might need some trial and improvement, but you’ll get there if you ever lose your Ytool.

Note: Older Ytrucks X3 locknuts were still the regular size and unaffected, but I’m not sure if current X3s have changed.