Trick tips


Welcome to the trick tips thread! Struggling to get something clean? Why not say, someone might be able to help!

To start off, I need help with nollie tres. Can anyone lend some advice?


Start with a nollie 360 shuv but when you pop, scoop the board with your front finger to get that kickflip in.


it’s all about finger positioning man, let your front finger be halfway across the nose and half hanging off nose, and your back finger in the middle of the board, I promise when you try it the first few tries you’ll get the right rotation and you’ll know what to fix from there


Ok thanks I’ll give it a go


For me nollie tres are all in the front finger, I focus on really scooping the board around and getting the full 360 degree rotation, and the back finger is easy, just slide it like a nollie flip


I can’t nollie what to do i can’t pop


@Fingerton Just practice the motion all day long, it’s kinda like learning to ride switch on a real skateboard, you just have to do it a lot and you’ll get used to it


I have been fingerboarding for four years and can’t heelflip. I have watched like 20 tutorials. I can do kickflips all four ways, tres, laser, but no heels. Help lol.


I make short and sweet Trick Tips on occasion, always down to film one that may be requested. Click here: to check one out.


Same thing happened to me Ferdinand, I have been fingerboarding since 2015 and have never even been able to get close to a heel, and then a few weeks ago I just tried and I could heel and nollie heel. I don’t really know how to explain the motion.


Odyssey’s tutorial is really good, it’s all about finger positioning. I think having your back finger flat across the tail and having your front finger kind of curved and only having the tip of your finger on the center of your deck makes them a little bit easier


I’m an amateur finger boarder and I’m not super good, but I’ll try to help.

Personally, I could do heel flips before I could do kick flips, and I think it’s due to the motion for me.
Anyways, you’ll just want to ollie while flicking away from yourself really hard, and make sure your fingers are flat, if they’re curved it’s much harder to do. Hope this helps!


Why not post it to YouTube


I do have them on Youtube.


Any tips on kickflip backtails? I just can’t find that sweet spot of landing on that tail. :confused:


can someone tell me the technique for nollie inward heels?


Okay guys so this is how fingerboarding works for me, I don’t understand why people have so much trouble learning certain tricks - especially switch which is probably easier then regular - this is my method for learning any trick really, switch or reg.

You just get your fingers in position and just do the trick. See? It’s not hard. Try it and tell me how it goes :v:


i was trying to get no comply front 3 shuv
please help me


Dude, thank you for this! I’ve been able to land heelflips for a while now, but almost half the time my board would varial and it’s been so frustrating. I extended my middle finger farther than usual and now the board varials are less frequent for me :+1:


do varial flip and catch it on tail