Trying a hard trick, and only that trick


Ok. Im not from a skateboarding background, so im not sure how some folks practice. I will sometimes get on a kick where I want to land a specific trick and will only try that 1 trick for an hour or more. I’ve now been on one for a couole weeks that I cant seem to land. I’ve taken breaks to do other stuff, and made a few clips throughout, but tomorrow im going to only try the one thing. All my FB time is going to that and that’s it. I have to land it, right?

Treflip BS Nose slide nollie backside flip out.


cool you are determined to land a specific trick, dont forget to have fun tho. do some tre noseslide’s and some noseslide’s flip out’s. you’ll feel when you ready to land the combo. trying a trick over and over again can be a pain in the ass, so keep it fun, and do some ‘easier’ tricks in between. dont force a trick to happen :slight_smile:

good luck on landing that one!
peace :v:


It may be worth practicing nollie flipping out of a noseslide by itself as that’s the harder part of this trick.


I actually can’t seem to get the Tre in. In can flip out all day fornsome reason. Ive only landed like 3 tre flips in. I cant seem to get that part right at all. I have trouble getting the right amount of pop and distance to my rail. I’ll get it. I am working on some fun stuff too, always, but I really wanna land this. Thanks guys. Level heads always help :grin:


guess the trick is to under rotate the tre flip a bit for landing in noseslide, maybe try some tre crooks first?


I’m usually very lazy with my fingerboarding. I go into a session with a trick in mind and pretty much always end up abandoning it! But recently I’ve persevered for a very long time and eventually made it. The nice thing is that all the work on a single trick seems to really help with overall consistency.

I’m sure you’ll get it soon!


A tre into anything would be ok at this point :joy::joy: