Trying to clean up my riding. anyone got some tips on nice run ups?


the problem im having right now is, that im working my way up to having a run up to right before the obstacle begins to make it look more realistic but 9/10 times, i cant get any pop and it feels so wrong doing it. ive gotten used to just riding like 5cm and then popping the trick so having an actual run up is quite hard for me.
anyone got any tips?
whenever i watch some of my favourite riders like jakub skowron or @julen.fb, they have these really nice run ups and pop the trick just a tiny bit infront of the ledge or whatever they are trying to flip on. :man_shrugging:
i hope you guys get what im saying :sweat_smile:


Do you mean, rolling a distance prior to the obstacle?


I think it’s just getting used to doing tricks while moving. A 5cm run up is very short and I know those habits can develop when you’re stationary and you don’t have a lot of space to ride on. Just start doing ollies while you’re using your fingerboard over long distances and eventually you’ll develop the timing for popping and flicking.


Exactly that


Maybe you should make more clips, by doing that you will see that riding 5cm doesn’t look good and will force you to have a ‘better’ riding


standing is going to help give you more distance to cover, if you aren’t already standing when you fingerboard.


Ive been working on this too. I think what has felt good for me is trying to do my tricks stationary, trying not to roll backwards at all right before I pop tricks. Then doing them moving is just the same except that you have to practice doing them anywhere on your table. Thats really the hardest part for me, the farther I’m reaching over my desk, the harder any trick will be. I’m still working on it myself so take what i say with a grain of salt.